Brand Name Heart Drugs Found To Be No Better Than Generic Counterparts

Feb 4, 2009 by

Brand Name Heart Drugs Found To Be No Better Than Generic Counterparts

A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association has found that brand-name drugs which treat heart disease are not better than their FDA-approved generic counterparts.

The study was led by Aaron Kesselheim, MD, JD, MPH, of Brigham and Women‘s Hospital in Boston, and had focused on clinical outcomes. These include factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, illness and death.

The study team used data from 47 different studies on various cardiovascular drugs, which included beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, statins and warfarin, which had been published in peer-reviewed journals from Jan 1984 to Aug 2008.

The team also looked at 43 editorials and commentaries which were published during the same time period. They found that more than half, or 53%, of those writings had negative views about using generic drugs. Why, is something which is not so clear. Anecdotal evidence could have played a part, as well as possible financial ties with drug companies, something which the study team said they did not have.

Why are massively expensive brand-name drugs heavily promoted over their equally-effective generics? The main, if not only, reason to me is quite obvious – money and profits. Another sad aspect of the pathetically profit-driven medical system of today.

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