Children’s Health Harmed by Media Exposure

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Children’s Health Harmed by Media Exposure

Our exposure to mass media today is immense, almost to a frightening level. And, without realizing it, we are being brainwashed every single day by these sources. After all, it’s very naive to think that the media presents objective views of information; the media is heavily influenced, even governed, by strong political and corporate interests.

The situation is worse for children and teenagers, because they are still at an impressionable age and are even more easily influenced by what they see and hear. With kids today spending so much time on the internet and in front of the television, we find that even their health is taking a hit. And why wouldn’t it? Such media not only promote sedentary lifestyles, they also inculcate poor values and undesirable living and eating habits. Read more in the following article.

Media Exposure Has Adverse Impact on Children’s Health

by Reuben Chow

Some natural health practitioners advocate the avoidance of television in the pursuit of good health. Why? Because television, more often than not, is filled with bad news, negative attitudes, violence and sex. Often, it also promotes insecurity, fear, hatred and consumerism. A recent study conducted by the United States National Institutes of Health, Yale University and the California Pacific Medical Center has affirmed such assertions, revealing that exposure to media sources has a negative effect on the physical health of children.

Details and Findings of Study

The study team had looked at 173 previous studies conducted since 1980 about the effects which the media has on children. About four out of every five of the studies concurred that heavy exposure to the media raises the risk of harmful behavior and conditions in children, including attention problems, drug and alcohol use, obesity, poor grades in school, smoking as well as sex. With specific regard to sex, 93% of those studies found that children with more exposure to the media have sex at a younger age.

How much time exactly are children today spending with the mass media? The numbers do not look too good. On average, the study found that a child in the modern world today spends close to 45 hours each week with media sources such as cell phones, the internet, magazines, movies, music, television, and video games. That is almost as much as the average combined time spent each week with their parents and in school, which number at 17 hours and 30 hours respectively.

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