Choosing Alternative Cancer Treatment, and Knowing the Failings of Chemotherapy

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Choosing Alternative Cancer Treatment, and Knowing the Failings of Chemotherapy

Many people turn to natural and herbal remedies for many minor ailments – headaches, itchy skin, tummy upsets and what not. But when it comes to a serious ailment like cancer, most people freeze.

Yes, it is extremely difficult to walk away from the conventional medical system and conventional cancer treatment. To walk away from prestigious and high-tech hospitals; established and qualified medical doctors and specialists with a long list of credentials; doctors, nurses and other persons of authority dressed in robes; and what is supposedly “proven”.

In short, to walk away from the mainstream.

Even if there is little or no evidence that conventional methods work. Even if intuition tells us that you cannot use poison to get well. Even if we know chemotherapy and radiation make you sick beyond words. Even if everyone we knew who went that route never made it.

Why is that so?

It has perhaps as much to with the human psyche as it has to do with the monopoly of the current medical system.

In an interview, Dr Cresence Allen, a psychologist, health advocate and life coach, shares her own breast cancer journey, and how she took the decision to walk away from conventional cancer treatment and instead seek out an alternative. It has many valuable insights. Click here to read: Choosing an Alternative Cancer Treatment – How a Breast Cancer Sufferer Made Her Decision

In making the decision on whether to go conventional or alternative, it helps a lot to know the truth about chemotherapy. This is highlighted in an excellent article by Andreas Moritz. Click here to read: Chemotherapy Does Not Work, Is Costly, Has Adverse Effects, and Kills.

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