Discussing the “War on Cancer”

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Discussing the “War on Cancer”

Conventional medicine, or, as it is called in the present day, allopathic medicine, had, many decades ago, declared a “war on cancer”. It has been so many years, yet, nothing very much has changed – the savage methods of surgery (cutting), radiation (burning) and chemotherapy (poisoning) are still widely used.

What has changed, is that the rates of people getting cancer are increasing all the time, and the number of people dying from the disease is climbing too. (climbing, or flying?)  

Despite trillions of dollars pumped into research and “treatment”, despite decades of monopoly, despite millions of people working in the industry; despite many, many things, conventional medicine is fighting nothing but a losing battle.

Of course, that is not something which they would want the public to believe. If people found out the truth, people would stop donating, and people would stop patronising their methods; do you have any idea how much money they stand to lose?

They? Who are they? Based on the present system, the pharmaceutical companies gain the most from the entire industry of cancer. And, of course, to keep the money-spinning machinery chugging in their favor, they grease the palms of many people who hold the power to change things, or quite simply to keep the public informed.

It’s a shame, really. A hideous crime against humanity.

Thank goodness, that there are also millions who are fighting against the medical tide, doing their best to bring the truth to the masses.

The internet has, in a way, made things more difficult for the Establishment to continue misleading and lying to the public. But, at the same, it has also opened new ways for them to exert their iron hand – many supposedly independent medical sites and “experts” on the internet are nothing more than disguised proponents of conventional medical protocol. In fact, some have in fact been put in placed by conventional medicine.

The medical establishment’s “war on cancer” is, at best, an abject failure. At worst, it is a disgusting scam. Read more about the truth regarding conventional medicine’s war on cancer at Cancer Research Information.com.

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