Divorcees Found To Have Lower Life Expectancy

Dec 21, 2008 by

Divorcees Found To Have Lower Life Expectancy

Divorce can take its toll on one’s mental and emotional state. Not just that, apparently – it seems our physical health will also be affected.

A study conducted at Rostock University in Germany has found that divorcees, on average, die nine years earlier than those who do not get divorced.

The study team had examined the life expectancies of people who were aged 50 because, at that age, they were more likely to have taken on behaviors and habits which “have an influence on death risks”.

Gabriele Doblhammer, part of the study team, said, “We assume that being divorced strongly influences lifestyle. Married people seem to have a more regulated lifestyle than singles, and the divorced embody a combination of factors that can lead to an earlier death.”

Other findings of the study include – people who did not smoke, had at least a high school education, who were employed, and who were married had the highest life expectancy.


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