Doing Aquarobics During Pregnancy Reduced Need for Pain-Killing Drugs During Labor

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Doing Aquarobics During Pregnancy Reduced Need for Pain-Killing Drugs During Labor

A Brazilian study has found that doing aquarobics during pregnancy helped reduced the amount of pain-killing drugs requested by the women during labor.

The study, which was published in the journal Reproductive Health, looked at 71 pregnant women. Half of the group went through three sessions of aquarobics each week during their pregnancy, with each session lasting 50 minutes. The other half was the control group.

Rosa Pereira from the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo, leader of the study, reported: “We found no statistically significant differences in the duration of labor or they type of delivery between the two groups. However, only 27 percent of women in the aquarobics group requested analgesia, compared to 65 percent in the control group. This represents a 58 percent reduction in requests.”

All along, there has been some doubt as to whether it was safe for expectant mothers to exercise during pregnancy. One main worry was the possibility that exercise may have adverse effects on fetal / placental demands, thereby compromising the development of the fetus or increasing the risk of abnormalities. The study team, however, concluded that aquarobics not only did not harm the cardiovascular health of the pregnant women, but also did not adversely affect the wellbeing of their newborns.

“We’ve shown that the regular practice of moderate water aerobics during pregnancy is not detrimental to the health of the mother or the child. In fact, the reduction in analgesia requests suggests that it can get women into better psycho-physical condition,” added Pereira.

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