Drinking Vegetable Juice Daily May Help Raise Consumption of Vegetables

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Drinking Vegetable Juice Daily May Help Raise Consumption of Vegetables

Many of us struggle to get our daily recommended servings of vegetables. Apparently, as many as 7 out of 10 American adults fail to meet the intake recommended by the US Dietary Guidelines (5 servings, or about 2.5 cups).

Now, interesting research at the University of California-Davis has suggested that drinking vegetable juice is an effective way of helping people to raise their consumption of vegetables.

Presented at the American Dietetic Association annual conference, the study looked at three groups of healthy people, which included both men and women. All of them received dietary counseling on suggestions in which they could consume more vegetables.

However, only two of the three groups were also asked to drink vegetable juice, in the form of V8(R) 100% vegetable juice, every day. One group had an 8-ounce glass per day, while the other had double that dose.

The study found that those who were also asked to drink the vegetable juice were a lot more likely to also meet the recommended daily intake of vegetables. Over 50% of those who had one glass of the V8 juice met their vegetable intake recommendation, while all of those who drank two glasses also met it.

However, among those who did not drink the vegetable juice, less than 25% met the recommendation.

The study team concluded that changing dietary habits is a lot more effective when, together with dietary advice, tangible and convenient solutions are also provided.

One more reason to start drinking vegetable juices!

Source: HealthBlogs.org

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