Eating Nuts Reduces Risk of Death from Heart Disease

Dec 26, 2008 by

Eating Nuts Reduces Risk of Death from Heart Disease

In August 2008, the Harvard School of Public Health released findings of research – the Nurses’ Health Study, which had followed over 85,000 nurses for a period of 14 years.

One finding was that those who consumed 5 ounces or more of nuts each week had 35% lower risk of dying of heart disease.

Nuts are known to be excellent and healthy foods and snacks. Besides being high in fiber and containing various minerals, they also have their fair share of healthy fats, which are essential for good health.

Nuts can be eaten on their own as snacks, or sprinkled on top of food during your main meals. Just be careful not to overeat, as they are good sources of calories, too.

For best effects, eat raw nuts which are organically grown. Nuts which have been cooked or roasted lose a lot of their beneficial health properties.

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