Exercise – The Excellent Cancer Fighter

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Exercise – The Excellent Cancer Fighter

The effects of exercise against cancer are multi-faceted. It can prevent the disease, slow its development, improve recovery from it, as well as prevent it from resurfacing.

How does exercise fight cancer? There are several ways in which the link could be down to.

Firstly, exercise helps to regulate insulin levels – high levels of insulin in the body are known to cause faster cell growth and division, increasing the risk of cancer.

Exercise also helps to control the levels of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone in the blood. This reduces cancer risk because excessive amounts of the two hormones have been associated to increased risk for various cancers.

Being overweight or obese is another factor which has been linked to increased cancer risk, and exercise of course helps to keep one’s weight in check.

Exercise improves the immune system, boosts blood circulation and gives one’s emotional and mental outlook a lift, and these are factors which are directly linked to improved health and, thus, lower cancer risk.

As little as a 30-min walk 5 times each week could be significant enough to have an impact on cancer risk.

Read more about cancer being an excellent cancer fighter at Cancer Research Information.com.

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