German New Medicine – A Woman’s Healing From Ovarian Cancer and Peritoneal Tumors

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German New Medicine – A Woman’s Healing From Ovarian Cancer and Peritoneal Tumors

Have you ever heard of German New Medicine, or GNM for short? I hadn’t, until I recently conversed with a lady who fully recovered from ovarian cancer and peritoneal tumors using this system of healing.

Basically, based on my limited understanding, GNM is a healing protocol based on the fundamental assumption that disease has its root in emotional issues, in other words, that all diseases originate from unexpected shock experiences.

Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine, found that such sudden shocks not only affects one’s psyche, but in fact also has an impact on the part of one’s brain which corresponds, biologically, to the particular trauma; this is verifiable and visible on brain scans.

Then, depending on the exact type of conflict shock involved, the body provides a response to the unexpected traumatic event, either with tumor growth (cancer), tissue degeneration, or functional loss. It is said that Dr Hamer has worked with over 40,000 case studies to confirm his findings.

German New Medicine seeks to identify and resolve the underlying causes of disease, i.e. the original shocks or conflicts, thereby instigating true healing.

I mentioned about a lady who survived ovarian cancer – her name is Joanne Clodfelter, and she has kindly shared her story with us via two articles she wrote.

The two articles tell of a story of a lady’s journey and battle against ovarian cancer and peritoneal tumors. It presents a chilling side of the reality that is the cancer industry today. As she puts it, the system of conventional cancer is not meant to cure people or make them well; its primary goal is to line the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies. In her view, even supposed cancer charities and non-profit organizations are not really interested in what really gets people well. Of course, the above applies not just to the cancer industry, but to the entire system allopathic or modern medicine today.

Do you agree with her views? You be your own judge.

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