Health Dangers of Mobile Phones

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Health Dangers of Mobile Phones

When a cellphone or mobile phone is placed next to a computer monitor or a television and an incoming signal is received, either for an SMS or a call, the image on the screen gets all distorted and contorted. After using a cellphone for a number of minutes, it is not uncommon for one’s ears to hurt, and one’s side of the face to feel almost like it’s burning.

These are signs of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation. With these little contraptions becoming so common and so much a part of our daily lives (some of us even sleep with our cellphones next to us!), what detrimental effects on health are lurking and waiting to explode on the cellphone-using population?

Three Possible Health Dangers of Long-Term Cell Phone Use

by Reuben Chow

More and more people are owning and using cell phones today. On top of that, people are using them from a younger age. While the evidence of any health risks of cell phone use is far from clear-cut, some studies have suggested that it can increase cancer risk, cause behavioral problems in children as well as affect male fertility.

Health Danger 1 – Decreased Male Fertility

In 2007, research at the Cleveland Clinic found that men who used cell phones for more than four hours per day had markedly poorer sperm quality than their counterparts with lower cellphone usage.

Recently, the same team delved deeper. In a study published in Fertility & Sterility, they obtained sperm samples from 32 men and split them into 2 groups – control and test.

After being placed an inch from a 850-Mhz cell phone which was in ‘talk’ mode, the sperm in the test group samples had higher levels of harmful free radicals as well as lower levels of protective antioxidants as compared to the control group, i.e. the unexposed sperm. These resulted in a drop in the affected sperm’s function, motility as well as overall health.

There was, however, no significant difference in DNA damage between the two groups.

This is a small, laboratory-based study, and more research is definitely still needed in this area. On top of that, sperm in men would actually be further away from cellphones, and also be protected by a few layers of human tissue. However, despite these factors, the findings of this study still offer cause for concern, and men, especially those planning to start a family, may want to keep their cell phones as far away from their reproductive parts as possible.

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