How To Prevent and Beat Cancer – Insights Revealed By Recent Studies

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How To Prevent and Beat Cancer – Insights Revealed By Recent Studies

A number of recent studies have highlighted some possible things we can do to prevent and beat cancer.

The findings of these studies are summarized below. Click on the respective links to read more.

Lifestyle and dietary changes are often touted as preventive measures against cancer. Yet a recent study has shown that simple changes in these aspects slowed or stopped aggressive prostate cancer, to the extent that more than a third of the cancer sufferers did not require further treatment. The changes included consuming more oily fish (which has a lot of omega 3 fatty acids), consuming less salt and alcohol, losing weight, as well as undertaking moderate exercise. That simple! Click to read: Simple Lifestyle and Dietary Changes Stopped Aggressive Prostate Cancer; 36% Did Not Need Further Treatment.

Refined sugar is terrible for health, yet people today are consuming them in such huge amounts in snacks, desserts, and sugary drinks. There are many studies which link sugar consumption with elevated cancer risk. Click to read: Cancer and Sugar – Studies Which Show The Link.

Having enough quality sleep is critical for good health. And lack of it may raise cancer risk. Click to read: Help Prevent Breast Cancer By Having Sufficient Sleep.

Whole grains are a lot healthier than refined grains. In fact, the latter harms health. Lack of fiber is also another concern in modern day diets. A study has found that whole grains and fiber may help to lower small intestine cancer risk. Click to read: Small Intestine Cancer Risk Lowered By Eating More Fiber and Whole Grains.

Many of the bad fats we consuming in large amounts today are really detrimental to health. And a study has linked saturated fats to higher risk of small intestine cancer. Click to read: Eating Saturated Fats Could Be Linked To Higher Small Intestine Cancer Risk.

A study has found that using talcum powder near the private parts may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Click to read: Ovarian Cancer – Study Finds Talcum Powder Link.

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