If Oncologists Won’t Use Chemotherapy, Why Should Anyone?

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If Oncologists Won’t Use Chemotherapy, Why Should Anyone?

Would you allow a car mechanic who does not know how, or does not dare, to fix his own car, to fix yours?

Would you dare to live a house whereby the person who constructed it did not feel it safe enough to step into?

How about a plumber who does not dare to fix his own leak?

Let’s not talk about people who CANNOT use their own products or methods – for example, a male who sells female products, or an adult who sells baby diapers, etc. Let’s talk about people who CAN.

Surely they can count on their own products and methods in the event of emergency, a life-and-death situation, or simply at a time of need.

In gist, if you met a salesman who does not dare to use his own products; or a practitioner who does not dare to experience his own methods, protocols and treatments.

Would you trust them? Would you trust their products and their methods?

Basically, would you rely on someone who does not himself dare to use the same methods and items which he preaches, prescribes and carries out on others, making money in the process?

I highly doubt I would.

Here’s a startling fact regarding oncologists, the so-called cancer specialists of conventional medicine, and chemotherapy, one of their main and favorite cancer-fighting weapons.

This was obtained from a McGill Cancer Center survey which was cited in the book “Reclaiming Our Health”, written by John Robbins.

75% of Americans diagnosed with cancer are said to receive chemotherapy treatment, which is of course suggested (and prescribed) by their oncologists.


75% of oncologists also said that if they had cancer, they themselves would NOT use chemotherapy treatment. Why? Because of its “ineffectiveness and its unacceptable toxicity”.

Do we really need to say more about the safety and effectiveness of chemotherapy?

Be your own judge.

This article is also published on Vast Majority of Oncologists Would NOT Use Chemotherapy If They Got Cancer at Cancer Research Information.com, which offers research and information for preventing and reversing cancer.

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1 Comment

  1. martin miller

    Chemotherapy as I understand it is a last resort and as a measure to help insure that the cancer does not come back. My wife had it. And I am on intermittent hormone blockade. Granted that chemo has a miserable track record but there sometimes isnt anything else. My wife possibly wouldnt be here if it hadnt been for chemo. Who knows, really?
    But it bothers me that so many think that there is only one or two ways of dealing with cancer. It is easy to say “i would not do chemo IF I HAD CANCER” it is another thing when you DO.
    I feel sorry for those who listen unquestioningly to their doctors thinking “if I have the chemo, radiation, surgery whatever” that’s it, all I have to do.”
    It is like the smoker who after getting cancer does not stop. (I had one of those in the family too.)
    THERE ARE OTHER things you can do. I know. I am doing them.
    martin miller

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