Lose Weight and Avoid Weight Gain – Two Simple Tips

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Lose Weight and Avoid Weight Gain – Two Simple Tips

Obesity and being overweight has quite literally become an epidemic in the developed world. With it, demand for quick-fix weight loss fads has also ballooned.

In the following article, though, two very simple daily measures are described, measures which can help prevent us from putting on excess weight, as well as aid our efforts to lose weight.

Two Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

by Reuben Chow

Eating too much means excessive caloric intake. Sitting too much, on the other hand, reduces caloric usage. It is thus simple common sense that both of these dietary and lifestyle habits can cause weight gain. However, two recent studies have separately shown us different aspects of how sitting and eating can be linked to weight gain. One of them adds another reason why sitting for too long can cause weight gain, while the other suggests that besides the amount we consume, eating too fast can also contribute to weight increase.

Sitting Too Long

In a study which was published in the journal Diabetes, researchers suggested that when we remain seated for too long, chemicals in the body which play a part in burning fat actually stop functioning. And, the problem is, even if we exercise later in the day, there may be no guarantee that the harm done by being seated for too long can be fully reversed.

As it is, lack of exercise and an overly sedentary lifestyle are already having an enormous impact on the health of the population as a whole. Worse still, technological advancement and availability – more elevators and escalators, power steering and electronically operated windows in cars, remote controls and what not, as well as modern day comforts and luxuries, such as computers and cable TV with a thousand channels, have greatly reduced the amount of non-exercise physical activity for most people, too. These factors are leading to massive spikes in obesity, heart disease and other lifestyle and diet related conditions.

The fortunate thing is that just getting off our seats and onto our feet, even for brief but frequent moments, can once again trigger the fat-burning mechanism.

A possible solution? If your job or whatever reasons require you to be seated for long hours at a stretch, try using computer software which reminds to you get up, stretch or just walk around a little bit, every 30 to 45 minutes or so. This may not seem like much, but in the very long run, this simple measure is probably going to have a profound impact on your health.

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