Lower Income Groups Found To Be Less Healthy

Dec 26, 2008 by

Lower Income Groups Found To Be Less Healthy

A study in Edmonton, Canada has found that those in the lower income group are of generally poorer health.

The study, released by Capital Health found that the low income group smoked more, drank more alcohol, are physically less active and, overall, are of poor health as compared to their richer counterparts.

For the study, which formed a part of a larger national study conducted by the Urban Public Health Network on the link between urban poverty and health, city neighborhoods had been divided into 3 categories, based on socio-economic status, or SES.

As wealth decreased, the rate of smoking increased. While 28.1% in the average SES group smoked, only about half, or 14.7%, of those in the high SES group smoked. On the flip side, almost 38.0% of those in the low SES group were smokers.

The proportion of those in the low SES group which were physically inactive was also higher as compared to that in the high SES group – 54.5% compared with 34.7%.

And while only about 50% of the people in the lowest bracket said their health was “very good” or “excellent”, almost three quarters, or 72.2%, in the highest bracket felt this way.

The study concluded that “a growing body of research shows that health and wealth go together”.

We need to help the lower income groups break out of this cycle.

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