Mammograms – Their Dangers and Futility

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Mammograms – Their Dangers and Futility

I cringe when I read about long lines of women queuing up to have their annual mammograms. I cringe even more when I read about how they are doing this in a bid to “prevent cancer”, or to attempt to lower their chances of succumbing to the disease.

Soon, all that cringing turns to anger, as it often does when it comes to many aspects of conventional medicine.

X-rays, mammograms and the like are used to detect cancer. But do you know that these very tests cause cancer? The dangers and adverse health effects of mammograms and radiation in general have been known for decades. But, for the sake of financial profits, this very important information has been criminally shielded from the public at large.

And radiation is not the only danger caused by mammograms. During the procedure, large amounts of compressive force are placed on the breast, something which can quite easily trigger metastasis, or spread, of cancer, should it indeed be present.

And, in reality, mammograms do not even lower breast cancer mortality. The official party line is that, with early detection comes a higher chance of “cure” using conventional treatment methods, i.e. surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The truth is, the rate of women dying from the disease has not been lowered with all the early screening being pushed on them.

Then there is another key issue. Mammograms do not, in any way, prevent or cure cancer. Neither do surgical procedures, drugs, etc. When a person gets cancer, it is a systemic, whole-body disease, and many different aspects, from nutrition to detoxification to outlook to immune boosting, etc, must be addressed. The tumor alone does NOT represent the entire problem!

What women and the public really need, is information and education on how to do those things, to improve their bodies’ immune system and overall health. But, no, conventional medicine is more concerned about pushing their diagnostic and brutal treatment procedures. All in the name of arrogance and money. It’s infuriating, yet very saddening at the same time.

Read more about the dangers and futility of mammograms at Cancer Research

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