Meat Might Cause Small Intestine Cancer

Dec 30, 2008 by

Meat Might Cause Small Intestine Cancer

Consumption of red meats and processed meats has long been linked to colorectal cancer.

Now, recent research which was reported in Cancer Research has given an indication that these foods might also cause small intestine cancer, a disease which has been on the rise since the 1970s.

“There is some evidence to suggest that cancers of the small and large bowel both arise from adenomatous polyp precursor lesions, suggesting the adenoma-carcinoma sequence is relevant to both sites,” said Amanda Cross, PhD, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute and the leader of the study.

“For unknown reasons, the large intestine is much more susceptible to malignant transformation. Identifying risk factors that are unique as well as those that are similar for the two sites may aid our understanding of the comparative resistance of the small intestine to carcinogenesis,” she also said.

Read more on meat linked with small intestine cancer at Cancer Research

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