Melamine Found in US Infant Formulas; Is the FDA Protecting the American People?

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Melamine Found in US Infant Formulas; Is the FDA Protecting the American People?

The whole melamine and milk saga in China created quite a big hoo hah. But somehow, we believe that it happened in some faraway place, perhaps in a rather backward country, and we should be well sheltered from the problem.

The thing is, melamine was actually found in infant formulas in the US. That’s not the scariest part – the more frightening issue is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US actually hid the truth from the public.

In an article in the Washington Post, it was revealed that when the FDA found out that melamine was found in infant formula products in the US, it did not go public with the information. Instead, it held a teleconference with the manufacturers of the infant formulas to warn them about the situation.

The circumstances of the case only spilled into the open when the Associated Pressed filed a Freedom of Information Act request, demanding that the FDA released the test results.

Previously, the FDA had said that melamine was not present in the US formulas. When the story came out in the open, they suddenly declared a safety threshold for melamine, a limit which has no scientific basic whatsoever. And it was a limit which was conveniently just above the concentration of melamine found in US infant formulas. Uh… coincidence?

So, now melamine is supposedly safe?

What in the world is the FDA doing? Isn’t its role to protect the interests of American consumers?

They are supposed to be regulating drug companies, food industry players and other big businesses. Instead, they seem to be lackeys to these corporations.

What else has the FDA and other government regulatory authorities been hiding, are hiding, and will continue to hide from the people whose wellbeing and interests (and nobody else’s) they are supposed to safeguard?

Question – who is protecting the American people?

Read more about how melamine may have contaminated much of US infant formula, too.

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