More Exercise and Less Television Reduce Diabetes Risk

Feb 4, 2009 by

More Exercise and Less Television Reduce Diabetes Risk

Want to reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes? The findings of a recent study have given us two suggestions – watch less television, and spend more time exercising, either via vigorous physical activity, or simply through brisk walking.

This particular study had focused on African-American women, which is a high-risk population for this disease.

It had used data which was collated in the Black Women’s Health Study, which is an ongoing prospective study of African American women throughout the United States. The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that more vigorous activity translated to lower diabetes risk.

But for those who are unable to carry out such activity, there is good news – even brisk walking, for at least 5 hours per week, translated to lower incidence of diabetes, when compared to not walking at all.

There is one more thing – there was more type 2 diabetes among women who watched a certain amount of television, and this risk was present whether or not physical activity was part of the equation. That means sitting in front of the TV for too long can hurt you, whether or not you try to make it up later with physical activity or exercise.

“Our results confirm that vigorous activity is protective against type 2 diabetes in African-American women. A key public health finding is that brisk walking reduced risk. That is important because many women don’t have the time or place to engage in ‘vigorous’ physical activity, but most women can find time to walk,” said Julie Palmer, professor of epidemiology at the Slone Epidemiology Centre at Boston University, the leader of the study.

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