Negative Effects of Smoking Affect All Social Classes

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Negative Effects of Smoking Affect All Social Classes

We all know that smoking increases one’s likelihood of getting a host of serious diseases, and that it shortens lives. What a recent study has further revealed is that its negative effects impact people of all social classes.

In addition, it found that the adverse effects of smoking do not spare either females or rich people.

The study had looked at some 15,000 people from Scotland for 28 years. Information such as gender, smoking habits, class and survival rates were analyzed.

In gist, the study found that smoking persons across all social classes had a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely as compared to even their poorest non-smoking counterparts. In other words, if you smoke, no matter how rich you are, your life expectancy would be shorter than even the poorest non-smoker.

Another revelation was that ex-smokers who gave up the habit in the long term had survival rates which were more similar to persons who never picked up the habit, as compared to the rates of current smokers. This is good news for those who have quit, or are planning to quit.

Women generally live longer than men. But smoking destroys that advantage.

The prospective cohort study was conducted by researchers from NHS Health Scotland and the University of Scotland. Its findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

The study had a couple of limitations. One main one was that information on smoking habits was only collected at the start of the study. Further, occupation was used to gauge a person’s social class, and this is not exactly a very robust measure. This is especially so for non-working women, in which case their social class was tagged to their husband’s job.

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