Obese or Overweight Children More Likely To Be Injured in Car Accidents

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Obese or Overweight Children More Likely To Be Injured in Car Accidents

Numerous studies have linked obesity or extra weight with a list of various diseases. Now, a recent study has found that, during a car crash, obese or overweight children have double the risk of suffering injuries to their arms, legs and feet, as compared to children in the normal weight range.

The study had looked at a group of boys and girls aged between 9 and 15 years and was published in the December issue of Injury Prevention.

“Ultimately, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for all kids in the age range of the study. All kids are at equal risk for crashes, regardless of their body size. But we showed that once a crash occurs, kids who are obese and overweight are more likely to experience injuries to their extremities,” said Keshia M Pollack, the leader of the study.

Pollack is an assistant professor at the Center for Injury Research and Policy in the department of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore. He is also the director of the school’s Occupational Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Training Program.

With the increasing epidemic among children today that is obesity, this is yet another reason for us to be concerned and to stem the tide.

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