Particles Produced By Laser Printers Harmful to Human Health

Feb 19, 2009 by

Particles Produced By Laser Printers Harmful to Human Health

The number of potential indoor health hazards in our homes and offices just seems to get more and more. A recent study carried out at the Queensland University of Technology has found that laser printers could produce tiny airborne particles which are potentially harmful to our health.

These particles are said to be produced by the bonding of toner to paper, and they could be hazardous to humans.

“These particles deposit very deeply in the human respiratory system and can cause irritation which could lead to (cardiovascular) problems,” said Lidia Morawska, the leader of the study.

What can office workers do? Morawska suggested that the printers be situated at well-ventilated areas. In addition, workers should also be seated as far away from them as possible.

Other sources of such dangerous, minute particles include cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust.

While it is not always common knowledge, study after study have revealed that dirty air is harmful to cardiovascular wellbeing.

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