Patient Photographs Make Radiologists Read CT Scans More Meticulously, Study Shows

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Patient Photographs Make Radiologists Read CT Scans More Meticulously, Study Shows

Radiologists are often unseen and unheard medical professionals. They spend most of their time viewing scans and then writing reports.

An interesting piece of research conducted at a hospital in Israel has found that providing photographs of patients to radiologists caused them to take a more empathetic and personal approach, as well as to read scans more carefully.

In the study, over 300 patients were photographed before undergoing a CT scan. Unknowingly, radiologists looked at some of these scans twice in a 3-month period, once with and once without the photographs attached.

When the photographs were present, the radiologists found 80% more incidental findings – these are beyond the scope of the scan, findings which are usually not life-threatening but which would still be of interest to many patients.

A survey which was conducted on the radiologists revealed that they felt more empathy toward patients after seeing their photographs. They then tended to be more meticulous in studying the scans, providing more detailed reports.

This, to me, is a very interesting piece of research. All too often nowadays, medical care in the conventional medical industry is very impersonal and very rush-rush. Often, a person is just a set of symptoms.

On the other hand, many so-called “alternative” healers – including Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic and herbal practitioners, take the time to speak to you, to know you, and even to ask about your emotional and mental issues.

One system is more interested in symptoms and diseases and how to treat them, often using toxic and damaging protocols to attempt to “kill” the diseases. On the other hand, the healing arts treat the person as a whole, trying to do the right thing and helping the body to heal itself.

Is it any wonder why conventional medicine fails so miserably at dealing with chronic, degenerative diseases and conditions?

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