Questions About Chemotherapy and Cancer Drugs

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Questions About Chemotherapy and Cancer Drugs

Often, we are told of the safety and effectiveness of modern medicine’s methods and treatment techniques. We are told that a certain drug has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be “safe” for human use. We are told that a certain treatment method has a such-and-such percentage of success. We are told that chemotherapy is a “proven” treatment, with a “proven” track record, with “proven” success rates, and is “proven” to lengthen life.

Yet, how much of these assertions or claims are actually true?

One big issue with the current medical paradigm is that the very people and parties which are regulating the system, are the very people who are running the show and profiting from it. Quite simply put, there is a conflict of interest.

An excellent article by Andreas Moritz has laid bare the facts about chemotherapy. About how poor its record actually is. About how much harm it actually does. About why it seems to work. And about many other aspects of this brutal method. Click here to read: Chemotherapy Does Not Work, Is Costly, Has Adverse Effects, and Kills.

Then, there are studies conducted on countless patented, profit-reaping cancer drugs, claiming safety and efficacy. But how authentic and complete are such studies? After all, we all know the drug companies’ main motive – profits.

In this regard, a recent study has highlighted an alarming truth. Click here to read: Older Folks, Who Are More Likely to Get Cancer, Are In Fact Excluded From Clinical Trials.

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