Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Children’s Risk of Cancer In Future

Jan 15, 2009 by

Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Children’s Risk of Cancer In Future

Pregnant woman who smoke are increasing the risk of their children getting serious cancer later in life.

This was revealed in a study commissioned by the newspaper “The Australian” and carried out by the Cancer Institute in New South Wales.

It found that babies who were born with a low-birth rate due to their mothers’ smoking had 1.7 the likelihood of getting leukemia as well as 1.8 times the chance of getting cancer of the brain or central nervous system in the future. Children of smoking mothers were also a lot more likely to get cancer of the eye and kidneys.

“There is more and more evidence accumulating that pregnancy and smoking don’t go together. But it is clear that we can do something about those complications – that is not to smoke during pregnancy,” said Professor Jim Bishop, who is the chief executive of the institute.

Recently, the journal Development and Psychotherapy had reported that women who smoked during pregnancy were more likely to give birth to aggressive children.

Yet more reason for women, and especially pregnant ones, to kick the habit.

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