Some Chickens Supposedly Raised Without Antibiotics May Contain Antibiotics After All

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Some Chickens Supposedly Raised Without Antibiotics May Contain Antibiotics After All

As a consumer, if I see a food packaging label which claims that a product is “sugar-free”, “fat-free”, “organic”, “contains no preservatives”, or some other similar sounding phrase, I would assume it to be true.

If I see a label which states that a chicken is “raised without antibiotics“, I would presume, ethically and legally speaking, the food manufacturer is telling me the truth. But, unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case, and food corporations are making use of sneaky and misleading word play.

What do you understand by “raised without antibiotics”? When does the whole process of raising a chicken even begin?

My main question is – would you consider the “egg” stage of a chicken as part of its “raising process”?

A report has surfaced that Tyson Foods used antibiotics in the egg phase, and is fighting to retain the labelling “raised without antibiotics” via the argument that “raising” only really begins after the chicken is hatched.

There is just something quite sickening about these situations. It is crystal clear that, in the eyes of most profit-driven corporations, making money is their main, if not only, objective, with scant regard for delivering quality food and the wellbeing of their consumers.

In this case, they don’t seem too concerned that the antibiotics used in raising chickens would eventually cause harm to human health. They only want to make sure that they can retain the label so that it would keep their sales up. Their bottom line? Money.

Yet another reflection of the sad state of the food industry today.

For more information on the topic, read a more detailed article on how “Raised Without Antibiotics” chickens may contain antibiotics, after all.

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