Some Tips for Better Health in 2009

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Some Tips for Better Health in 2009

I recently came across this article by a medical doctor (MD) on some tips for better health for the year 2009.

I have to say I disagree with a number of his recommendations.

For example, while he encourages us to get more vitamin D, he advocates the continued use of sunscreen. That’s not undesirable because, in my view, the chemicals in suncreen, as well as the widespread vitamin D deficiency caused by the use of sunscreens, are far more dangerous than the possibility of getting skin cancer.

In my view, vitamin D made by our own bodies is far superior to any in supplemental form. Why? Firstly, it is more bioavailable to the body (since the body makes it itself!). Secondly, there is absolutely no risk of getting a toxic overdose, because the body simply stops production when it has enough. The same cannot be said of supplemental vitamin D.

Sunbathe in naked skin to enable our bodies to make sufficient amounts of its own vitamin D. To prevent skin cancer, make sure you don’t get sunburnt – now, that’s not good.

A big way to prevent sunburn and skin cancer is actually, get this – through our diet. If our intake of protective nutrients and antioxidants from raw and fresh fruits, vegetables and juices is high, our skin will not burn so easily. On the other hand, processed and junk foods – fast food, potato chips, sugary cakes, etc – promote easy burning.

The MD also seems to advocate vaccines, something which I cannot support. Vaccines and the chemicals in them have been linked to far too many diseases.

In gist, here are his tips which I support:

1. Get more vitamin D.
2. Get more sleep.
3. Lose weight.
4. Learn yoga breathing. This helps to relax your mind and your body, as well as helps to get more oxygen into your cells.
5. Learn to read food labels, and avoid trans fats in your food. These fats prolong the shelf life of foods, but shorten the life of the person eating them!
6. Move. In other words, exercise, get moving; get out of that couch and that chair!
7. Add weight training to your exercise regime. It seems that a good exercise regime should include BOTH cardio and weight workouts. A 70/80 to 20/30 ratio is recommended.
8. Keep your brain and mind active.

Okay folks, I hope these tips will be useful for you. Have a happy and healthy 2009 ahead!

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