Study Reveals ‘Formula’ for Older Folks to ‘Thrive’

Nov 23, 2008 by

Study Reveals ‘Formula’ for Older Folks to ‘Thrive’

A study published in the October issue of Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences has revealed a certain “formula” for older folks to “thrive”, or enjoy excellent health, in their latter years.

The study, conduced by the Portland State University, the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Oregon Health & Science University, and Statistics Canada, had followed 2,432 Canadians for a period of ten years. “Thrivers” were those who enjoyed great health throughout the entire decade.

By the completion of the 10-year period of the study:

• 8% were “thrivers”
• 47% considered not to have a high quality of life or excellent health
• 9% were institutionalized
• 36% had passed on

The factors which contributed to the health formula include:

• Positive outlook
Stress levels kept low
• No smoking
• Occasional drinks
Salary of at least $30,000 a year
• No chronic health conditions

“Many of these factors can be modified when you are young or middle-aged. While these findings may seem like common sense, now we have evidence about which factors contribute to exceptional health during retirement years,” said David Feeny, co-author of the study and a senior investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.



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