Health Benefits of Living Near Greenery

Feb 12, 2009 by

Don’t you just love the feeling of being in amongst nature, enjoying the serenity and fresh air? I most certainly do, and,...

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Plants Improve Recovery of Patients

Jan 7, 2009 by

When a friend is ill, we sometimes bring plants or flowers while visiting. People also report feeling better after going for a walk in...

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Living Near Greenery Reduces Likelihood of Child Obesity

Dec 21, 2008 by

I’m sure you have heard of the phrase, “clean and green”. Now, we perhaps need to coin a new one – “clean and...

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Living Near Greenery Improves Health

Nov 23, 2008 by

A study conducted at the University of Glasgow has found that living near parks and forests improves people’s health. And this is...

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